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2013 Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award - Practice

Alexander Alonso, Society for Human Resource Managament

Perhaps Dr. Alonso’s greatest impact in his early career has been in the field of human resource management. He led the development of SHRM's Elements for HR Success Competency Model designed to serve as a roadmap for building proficiency as an HR professional. Prior to joining SHRM, he was part of a team of researchers behind a medical team training intervention, called TeamSTEPPS, designed to improve patient safety. There are hundreds of hospitals around the world using it, and thousands of nurses, technicians, administrators, and physicians have been trained in the TeamSTEPPS program. This work was so impactful that in 2007 the team received SIOP’s M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace. Dr. Alonzo has undertaken numerous projects for American Institute for Research and SHRM that have had an impact upon the science of I-O psychology. He was a major contributor to a team that created an exam, now widely used, that enabled students to demonstrate their mastery of HR learning. More recently, he has engaged in projects to examine competency assessment and alternate modes of assessment. He also has kept up with scholarly work, publishing regularly in journals. In summary, Dr. Alonso has accomplished much in the early stages of his career and epitomizes the scientist–practitioner.


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