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2015 Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award - Practice

Jeffrey Cucina, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

In a few short years, Dr. Cucina has impressed colleagues with his ability to discern important ap-plied research issues and to translate them into workable hypotheses, well-planned research designs, and meaningful outcomes. A persistent theme in his research and practice has been concern for the valid measurement of candidate attributes and employee attitudes, which has led to a well-deserved reputation as a skilled developer of assessments. His applied research has substantially contributed to the development and scoring of personality tests and the issue of faking within these measures. He has been instrumental in championing and defending the validity of assessment batteries within federal agencies. Another significant contribution has been directing Customs and Border Protection’s Entry Level Video Based Testing (VBT) program, which is a high fidelity alternative to traditional approaches of measuring interpersonal skills such as structured interviews and situational judgment tests. As a result of his award-winning VBT work, he is viewed as a leader, especially among I-O psychologists working for the federal government. He is currently serving as SIOP’s Historian and is leading SIOP’s time capsule project, continuing SIOP’s Living History Series and conducting other efforts related to SIOP’s history. He has also expanded the knowledge base of fellow professionals through his 128 publications, presentations, and technical reports, including 52 SIOP presentations.


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