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 2013 Distinguished Professional Contributions Awards

Nancy T. Tippins, CEB Valtera

Recognized as being in the forefront of implementing computer-based assessment programs long before they were commonly used, Dr. Tippins has spent her career developing assessment procedures and putting into practice hiring programs, many of which have been extremely large scale, affecting thousands of applicants in some of the most visible U. S. corporations. Her work not only illuminated key issues relevant to automated assessments but provided solutions to new questions the field was facing in using these measures. She contributed to thought leadership and led others in identifying and grappling with the most challenging issues relevant to assessment, including disabilities accommodations, mitigating adverse impact, and assessment standards. She has had extensive involvement in articulating standards for professional practice, serving on revision committees for SIOP’s Principles for the Development and Validation of Personnel Selection Systems and APA’s Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing and Assessment. A former SIOP president, she has served the profession in a variety of appointed and elected roles, including several with SIOP, the APA Council, and five APA committees as well as several national committees and professional groups. In 2004, she received SIOP’s Distinguished Service Award. Through her practice she has consistently innovated and positively influenced the field of I-O psychology.


Kenneth Pearlman, Independent Consultant

With a professional career of notable achievements, Dr. Pearlman is particularly known for his contributions to the application and use of validity generalization procedures, which have changed how practitioners and researchers approach selection system validation. He has also made a major impact through his work and writings on job families, job analysis, competency modeling and the Labor Department’s O*NET system for job description, analysis, and classification. He was an early advocate for a national occupational database and has been a tireless supporter of efforts toward O*NET’s improvement and enhancement. Considered an eminent work analysis expert, he has influenced researchers and practitioners through his numerous publications and presentations. Of special note are his ongoing roles in job analysis and assessment tool development for the U.S. Army and Navy, which have helped change the way recruitment, assessment, job analysis, selection, and employee surveys are conducted in the U.S. military. Dr. Pearlman has been recognized for his expertise and career work with Fellow status in SIOP, APA, and APS. He has provided significant service to the I-O profession, serving on several panels related to the revision of both O*NET and SIOP’s Principles. He has authored or coauthored seven books and chapters and 18 refereed journal articles.

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