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2016 Distinguished Professional Contributions Award

Leaetta Hough, Dunnette Group

Dr. Hough recently was an expert witness on the winning side of an employment discrimination case in which the judge concluded: “This is a profoundly important case, one that evokes the finest of our nation’s aspirations to give everyone equal opportunity and a fair shot.” Her participation in this case captures the essence of Dr. Hough’s stellar career – challenging the science and practice of I-O Psychology to address and resolve real-world problems. She is known for her innovative thinking about individual differences, their measurement and use in personnel selection, aligning hiring practices with organizational goals while minimizing adverse impact and increasing diversity in an organization’s workforce. She was first to summarize criterion-related validities of personality scales according to predictor and criterion constructs revealing replicable relationships between personality and outcomes. She was instrumental in developing the “Accomplishment Record”, and a pioneer in creating and implementing research-based HR management systems and computerized selection systems. Dr. Hough has chaired numerous SIOP committees and as SIOP president founded the Leading Edge Consortium, chaired two of them, and was a driving force in creating and bringing the journal Industrial Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice to fruition. She led the strategic planning process that articulated the vision, mission, and values that continue to guide and focus SIOP’s activities. She is a SIOP Fellow, serves on the SIOP Foundation Board, and continues to significantly influence the science and practice of I-O Psychology.

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