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Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Wayne F. Cascio, University of Colorado Denver

Dr. Cascio‘s research and professional activities have combined to create an impressive body of contributions to both academia and practice during his nearly 40-year career. His research on the organizational effects of downsizing, quantifying the financial effects of HR policies and practices, the determinants and outcomes of employee turnover, performance appraisals, and international HR management has resulted in an exceptional number of influential books and articles that have greatly impacted both academia and the business sector. Much of his work has attempted to identify emerging trends that have helped shape and focus the direction of research streams in the field of I-O psychology. He has a long history of direct involvement with corporate and public-sector organizations as a leading speaker and consultant. Concerned that few established scientific findings were actually known and applied by HR professionals, he conceived and coproduced an influential and widely used video series sponsored by the SHRM Foundation that showcased leading-edge HR practices in progressive organizations. A past president of SIOP, he has also held key leadership positions in the SHRM Foundation and the Academy of Management. His contributions to the scientific literature have been prolific: they include 27 books, including several widely used textbooks, and more than 150 journal articles and book chapters.


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