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Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Lawrence R. James, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. James is widely known for his work in three primary areas: organizational climate research, statistics and measurement of personality via conditional reasoning. His statistical research has significantly improved the quality of organizational research and his work in organizational climate has been highly influential in convincing the research community that it was an important construct independent of other constructs of interest to organizational scientists such as job satisfaction. His findings have helped bring an understanding to what individuals bring to organizational contexts and how those contexts in turn influence individual behavior. Additionally, he has been instrumental in developing new methods for measuring personality based upon conditional reasoning, an approach that questions the pervasive assumption that people have the self-insight to describe themselves accurately using standard self-report measures. His work on these and other I-O related topics have resulted in more than 85 articles and chapters, three books and numerous presentations at professional meetings. His accomplishments have been recognized in numerous ways, including the 2003 Distinguished Career Award from the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management. He has been named a Fellow of every major professional association in his field, including SIOP, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society and Academy of Management.


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