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2017 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Michael FreseSteven W.J. Kozlowski, Michigan State University

Dr. Kozlowski has been a tireless champion of the science of I-O psychology through his scholarship in multilevel theory, team effectiveness, and training and skill acquisition. He has a record of excellence in research, publishing extensively throughout his career. His research is both prolific and influential. For example, in the team/group literature there are few published papers that do not cite his work. Among his many scientific contributions is his work on multilevel theory and methods. The volume he edited with Katherine Klein titled Multilevel Theory, Research, and Methods in Organizations: Foundations, Extensions, and New Directions (2000 SIOP Organizational Frontier Series) continues to be the “go-to” resource on this topic. His recent multilevel work is developing innovative methods including computational modeling, agent-based simulation, and team dynamics technology to investigate emergent phenomena and team process dynamics. His research has generated nearly $10 million in grants, including seven years of NASA funding to continue his work on team cohesion in long duration space flights. Contributing through science means working to ensure that research informs practice and policy and Dr. Kozlowski has been particularly active in translating scientific research into actionable knowledge that has helped shaped practice at NASA, the military, and business organizations. Beyond his research contributions, he has an extensive and distinguished record of service and last year completed a highly successful term as SIOP president.

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