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2017 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Michael FreseJohn E. Mathieu, University Of Connecticut

Dr. Mathieu’s long history of major scientific contributions in organizational commitment, team research, leadership and data analytic methods distinguish him as a scholar whose work has significantly influenced the field of I-O psychology. His work on organizational commitment has focused on the understanding of worker behavior in a variety of contexts including military personnel, professional, and nonprofessional employees. He has produced advances in the areas of research methods and data analysis which in turn have fueled innovations in substantive theory development. Dr. Mathieu may be best known for his theoretical and empirical contributions to the team and multiteam literature. His multilevel findings and dynamic work models of team effectiveness have shaped the study of team processes and furthered understanding and prediction of collective behavior in the complex work systems that increasingly characterize today’s organizations. His research has received nearly $10 million in external funding and support. His applied practice is also notable, having consulted with many companies and organizations on projects related to employee selection and training. His mentoring activities have had an enduring impact upon the field, including chairing nearly 20 doctoral dissertations and serving on numerous doctoral committees. In summary, Dr. Mathieu has earned a record as an accomplished scientist–practitioner whose research and scholarship has made an impactful and real difference on leaders, teams, and organizations in a very direct and tangible way.

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