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 2011 Distinguished Service Contributions Award

Dr. Julie B. Olson-Buchanan, California State University, Fresno

This award is given for “sustained, significant, and outstanding service to SIOP,” and Dr. Olson-Buchanan’s nearly 20 years of involvement with SIOP embodies those criteria. Although she has played key roles on several committees beginning in 1992, she is best known as the Program chair for 2005–2006 and as Conference chair in New Orleans and Atlanta. Under her leadership as Program chair the Call for Proposals was completely revamped, the number of reviewers increased, and she created the first manual that has made the transition for incoming Program chairs much easier. As Conference chair, she introduced a new focus on evaluation and used the data to make numerous conference improvements. She was also instrumental in identifying the need for and ultimately changing the conference to a 3-day format. In sum, she has devoted the last 6 years to two of SIOP’s most important and time-consuming committee assignments, and her tireless efforts and innovations have made a huge impact upon SIOP.

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