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 2013 Distinguished Service Contributions Award

Joan Brannick, Brannick HR Connections

For more than 2 decades, Dr. Brannick has dedicated much of her time and energy to advancing SIOP and I-O psychology. During that time, she has served on seven committees and has chaired the Awards, Professional Practice, and Workshop committees. She is currently the Professional Practice Officer on SIOP’s Executive Board. Of special note is her work on behalf of I-O psychology in chairing a task force to write and deliver SIOP’s response to APA’s Model Licensure Act, approved early in 2010. Licensing has long been a contentious issue in SIOP, and through her leadership differing perspectives were solicited and integrated into a final response that clearly articulated SIOP’s stance on licensing. She also led the extensive effort required to ensure APA’s continued recognition of I-O psychology as a specialty within the discipline, and she was a key player in APA’s Future of Psychology Practice initiatives. Award nominators noted how she is willing to take on challenging tasks, doing so effectively and with grace. In the words of one nominator, “Everything she touches gets better.” Dr. Brannick is a persuasive voice and productive contributor on matters of importance to I-O psychologists both within and outside of SIOP.


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