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2017 Distinguished Service Contributions Award

Georgia T. Chao, Michigan State University

Dr. Chao’s service to SIOP and to the I-O profession is extensive, sustained, and broad in its reach. She has served in several elected leadership roles, including secretary and as SIOP APA Representative twice. As secretary her duties ranged from planning Executive Board meetings, setting the Executive Board agenda, and writing minutes to coordinating the work of all committee chair reports and activities. She also served as registrar and chair of the Workshop Committee and has been a member of SIOP’s Program Committee, Fellowship Committee, and Governance Task Force. Now in her second term as SIOP APA Council Representative, she is committed to reminding APA that applied psychology is different from clinical practice and has been actively engaged in bringing greater attention to the science of I-O into the larger profession of psychology. Service as APA Council Representative requires a heavy investment of time and diplomacy while using her skills and research expertise in ways that illustrate the value of I-O in arenas where our profession is often overlooked. In addition to her service to SIOP, she has been an ambassador of I-O through her work with other organizations including the Academy of Management, where she was elected to serve on two AoM executive committees; APA’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology; APA’s Presidential Task Force on Mentoring; and the National Research Council.

Christopher T. Rotolo, PepsiCo

Dr. Rotolo’s contributions have been sustained over 13 years across multiple committee roles and leadership appointments. The quality of his work and willingness to give generously of his time has made him the “go-to” member for several SIOP presidents who have assigned him key roles. The latest role is Grassroots Impact Coordinator, designed to harness the energy, ideas, and interests SIOP members have beyond their regular work by providing guidance, support, and an organizational framework to advance these efforts and bring greater attention to I-O. He has particularly excelled in blending his corporate brand management experience with solid I-O methodology as chair of the Brand Enhancement Task Force from 2010-14 to provide the leadership that resulted in the first coherent brand for SIOP. Many other important efforts have benefited from his leadership. He helped to transition the Visibility Committee from Ad Hoc to Standing status and also served as chair of the Electronic Communications Committee from 2010-12. He was central to organizing and promoting the Leading Edge Consortium for many years, evolving the SIOP website and creating the member community “my.SIOP,” and the development of webinars and media events aimed at promoting the field to targeted external audiences. He also chaired the Katzell Award subcommittee and served on the 2010 APA Model Licensure Act task force. The impact of each of his volunteer contributions has been significant for advancing SIOP’s visibility goals.

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