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 2017 Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award

Donald M. Truxillo, Portland State University

“Dr. Truxillo has been the single most influential person in my career.” “A dedicated and talented educator, his influence on my career has been unparalleled.” “He has had a lasting impact upon my life through his commitment to teaching and mentoring.” It is heartfelt endorsements like these that testify to the lasting impact Dr. Truxillo has had upon students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His career exemplifies a sustained commitment to excellence in teaching that ensures student success; with skill and enthusiasm, he is able to integrate complex ideas about theory, research, and practice in accessible and useful ways. His passion for teaching I-O psychology led him to leave the practice sector 22 years ago in order to join the Portland State University faculty. Since then he has worked tirelessly to increase student learning, understanding, and success. Significantly, he designed applied experiences into his courses long before community-based classes became popular in higher education. In addition to recognition from his university, he has received two Fulbright teaching fellowships as well as two grants from the Italian Ministry of Education focused on graduate-level teaching. His focus has been on enhancing students’ perspectives in order to make I-O psychology simultaneously exciting, accessible, and relevant; values that are emphasized in his recent I-O psychology textbook. His many doctoral students have gone on to successful careers in both academics and practice.

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