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SIOP Humanitarian Award

This award is given for sustained, significant, and outstanding humanitarian contributions related to I-O psychology.


Spreadsheet for Award Project Team List

Contributions can be made in a variety of ways which may include but are not limited to:

  1. Applying the practice and science of I-O psychology towards significant and sustained humanitarian initiatives, including the development of policy.
  2. Promoting prosocial I-O psychology through work with international non-governmental organizations and multilateral agencies, including the development of internal capacity in these organizations.
  3. Notable and sustained contributions to theory and/or practice in the area of humanitarian work psychology (deliberate and organized efforts to enhance human welfare and development).
  4. Significant impact on the field of I-O psychology through a focus on social responsibility and reduction of human suffering through organizational actions.
  5. Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through I-O Psychology (e.g., poverty reduction, food security, health and well-being, equitable quality education, gender equality, sustainable energy, decent work, sustainable industrialization/innovation, inclusivity and justice within society, sustainable consumption/production, fighting climate change, creation of global partnerships for sustainable development).

These contributions may take the form of an intense focus on a single humanitarian initiative for over a decade or significant contributions to multiple humanitarian projects over time.The recipient of the award is given a plaque and a cash prize of $1,500 (or a donation of the same amount donated to the charity/foundation of the recipient’s choice).

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominations may be submitted by any member of SIOP. Self-nominations are welcome.
  • Only members of SIOP may be nominated for the award.
  • The nominee may be an individual, or may also be a team of contributors.
  • The letter of nomination should address the nature and quality of the nominee’s humanitarian contributions.
  • A current vita of the nominee should accompany the letter of nomination. In addition, the nominator should include materials that illustrate the contributions of the nominee. Supporting letters may be included as part of the nomination packet. The number of supporting letters (not counting the nominating letter) for any given nomination should be between a minimum of three and a maximum of six. Relevant publications, reports, and other materials may also be submitted.
  • Letters of nomination, vita, and all supporting materials must be submitted online.

Criteria for the Award

Nominators and endorsers shall address the nature and quality of the nominee’s humanitarian contributions, whether U.S.-based or international in focus. A detailed history of the individual’s humanitarian contributions should be provided. It should specify:

  • The practice applications, research, thought leadership, and scope/impact of contributions.
  • The duration of his or her humanitarian efforts.
  • The significant achievements of the nominee related to his/her humanitarian efforts.

This award is intended to recognize sustained service in the above areas.

Administrative Procedures

  • The Humanitarian Award Subcommittee will review the letters of nomination and all supporting materials of all nominees and make a recommendation concerning the nominee(s) to the SIOP Executive Board. Two or more nominees may be selected if their contributions are similarly distinguished.
  • The Executive Board may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the Humanitarian Award Subcommittee but may not substitute a nominee of its own.
  • Humanitarian Award Subcommittee members may not be recipients of the award during their tenure on the subcommittee.
  • In the absence of a nominee who is deemed deserving of the award by both the Humanitarian Award Subcommittee and the Executive Board, the award may be withheld.


Updated: 30 April 2018