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Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment

This annual award, honoring P. Richard Jeanneret, is given to the author(s) (at least one of which is to be a SIOP professional level member) of a paper or chapter, published or unpublished, judged to have the highest potential to further the understanding of individual or group assessment especially when such assessment supports the creation of a diverse workforce. Only articles or other publications completed and dated in 2017 will be considered.

Spreadsheet for Awards Author List

The award is designed to acknowledge works that further public and professional understanding of individual or group assessment.  It is expected that this award would encourage continuing research efforts and practice endeavors that are focused on individual or group assessment, especially when such assessment supports the creation of a diverse workforce.

The author(s) of the best publication is (are) awarded a plaque and a $1,500 cash prize (to be split in the case of multiple authors).

Guidelines for Submission

  • Nominations may be made by members of SIOP, including Student Affiliate members. Authors may nominate their own work, provided that at least one of them is a SIOP member.  Jeanneret Award Subcommittee members may also generate nominations.
  • The nomination letter should not be signed.

Criteria for the Award

Articles or publications completed and dated in the previous year will be evaluated in terms of the following criteria:

  • The degree to which the research has a sound scientific base, or otherwise incorporates a scientific perspective, and illustrates innovation and excellence in the field of industrial-organizational psychology.
  • Advance the understanding and knowledge of individual (IPA) or group assessment, particularly new assessment techniques that promote a diverse work force.
  • There is no restriction on the specific journals or other publication (e.g. technical reports) in which the publication appears, only that the outlet be refereed.
  • The publication must have at least one author who is a SIOP professional level member.

Please include supporting statement/documentation for the criteria stated above .

Administrative Procedures

  • Submissions will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Awards Committee of SIOP, consisting of at least five members.
  • The Awards Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Board of SIOP about the award-winning publication.
  • The Executive Board may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the Awards Committee, but may not substitute a nominee of its own.
  • In the absence of an article or publication that is deemed deserving of the award by both the Awards Committee and Executive Board, the award may be withheld.


Updated: 15 March 2018