Raymond A. Katzell Award in I-O Psychology 

This award is designed to recognize a SIOP member who, in a major way, has shown to the general public the importance of work done by I-O psychology for addressing social issues, that is, research that makes a difference for people.

The award recipient will receive $3,000.

Evaluation Criteria

The Katzell Award Committee will select a SIOP Member based on the following criteria:

  • The awardee(s) must be a member of SIOP, preferably with a degree in psychology
  • The work shown to the general public must be research-based, and its application clearly demonstrated
  • The work must have an impact on society’s well-being: e.g., making work organizations better places to work, more satisfying to workers, more efficient, or creating a service that is beneficial to the public
  • The demonstration to the public must be widespread, reaching a substantial part of the public
  • If the creators of the work and those who publicized it were not the same, the creators would be the awardee(s).  An exception would be the creation of a book, film, or other publication that summarized and popularized a significant body of research and application.  In that instance, the creator(s) of that publication would be the awardee(s)

Required Documentation

Nominations for the Katzell Award must include:

  • Copies of the publication and documentation as to the breadth of distribution
  • Name of the member(s) being honored (e.g., writer, director or producer)

Submission Deadlines and Procedure

Deadline: January 30, 2009

Nominations must be submitted at

Publications submitted electronically must be in the form of either a Word document or a .pdf file. For multimedia publications (e.g., video), where video or audio copy is available through the Internet, the Web site where the publication can be viewed should be submitted with the nomination. In cases where multimedia publications are not accessible through the Internet, nominees should submit eight copies of a DVD containing the publication to the SIOP office.

SIOP Administrative Office
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