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William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award

This award is given in recognition of the best publication (appearing in a refereed journal) in the field of industrial and organizational psychology during the past full year (2017).

Spreadsheet for Awards Author List

William A. Owens was best known for his extensive theoretical and applied work on biodata conducted at Iowa State, Purdue, and, primarily, at Georgia. For that work, as well as a broad range of other research, he received SIOP’s Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award. He was a past-president of SIOP and a Fellow of SIOP and APA. He and his wife Barbara established this award and helped create the SIOP Foundation.

This annual award, honoring William A. Owens, is given to the author(s) (at least one of which is to be a SIOP member) of the publication in a refereed journal judged to have the highest potential to significantly impact the field of I-O psychology. There is no restriction on the specific journals in which the publication appears, only that the journal be refereed and that the publication concerns a topic of relevance to the field of I-O psychology. Only publications with a 2017publication date will be considered.

The author(s) of the best publication is (are) awarded a plaque and a $1,500 cash prize (to be split in the case of multiple authors).

Guidelines for Submission of Publications

  • Nominations may be submitted by any member of SIOP, including student affiliates.  Self-nominations are welcome. The Owens Award Subcommittee may also generate nominations.
  • The identity of the nominator(s) will not be revealed to the evaluators while the nominations are being considered.
  • The nomination letter should not be signed.
  • Research projects or publications having multiple authors are acceptable.
  • Nominations must be submitted online.

Criteria for the Award

Publications will be evaluated in terms of the following criteria:

  1. The degree to which the research addresses a phenomenon that is of significance to the field of I-O psychology.
  2. The potential impact or significance of the publication to the field of I-O psychology.
  3. The degree to which the research displays technical adequacy, including issues of internal validity, external validity, appropriate methodology, appropriate statistical analysis, comprehensiveness of review (if the publication is a literature review), and so forth.

Please include supporting statement/documentation for each of the criteria stated above.

Administrative Procedures

  1. Publications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Awards Committee of SIOP, consisting of at least six members.
  2. The Awards Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Board of SIOP about the award-winning publication and, if appropriate, a publication deserving honorable mention status. The honorable mention is awarded a plaque and cash prize of $500.
  3. The Executive Board may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the Awards Committee, but may not substitute a nominee of its own.
  4. In the absence of a publication that is deemed deserving of the award by both the Awards Committee and Executive Board, the award may be withheld.

To see past award winners, click HERE.


Updated: 15 March 2018