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Wiley Award for Excellence in Survey Research 

To recognize excellence and innovation in the design of survey research methods or techniques that will improve organizational effectiveness and performance.

This annual award, honoring Jack Wiley, is given to a member of SIOP or team (with at least one member who is a SIOP member) whose work or research has been shown to advance the survey research field.

The recipient(s) of the best research in the area of survey research is (are) awarded a plaque and a $2,500 cash prize (to be split in the case of multiple recipients).

Criteria for Evaluation of Research

Innovation and excellence can be visible in: overall survey research purpose, instrument design, populations or samples surveyed, method of survey administration, reporting of results, and/or in the use of survey results to affect positive organizational change.  Preference will be given to work that demonstrates excellence and innovation in multiple phases of the survey research process (including design of employee or customer survey research methods or techniques) and that documents positive impact on team, business unit or total organizational development, effectiveness, and performance.

The innovation must have occurred within the past 5 years, and nominations will be evaluated on the extent to which they display the following criteria:

  • Illustrate a sound technical and scientific basis.
  • Demonstrate innovation and excellence.
  • Advance the understanding of survey research techniques, processes, or applications.
  • Document a positive impact on organizational performance.
  • Contribute to our understanding of organizational development and performance.
  • Improve the acceptance of I-O psychology in the workplace.

Please include supporting statement/documentation for each of the criteria stated above.

Guidelines for Submission of Research

  • Nominations may be submitted by any member of SIOP, including student members and international affiliates.  Self-nominations are welcome. The Wiley Award Subcommittee may also generate nominations.
  • The identity of the nominator(s) will not be revealed to the evaluators while the nominations are being considered.
  • The nomination letter should not be signed.
  • Research projects or publications having multiple authors are acceptable.
  • Nominations must be submitted online.
  • If appropriate, nominators of highly rated nonwinning candidates will be contacted to encourage renomination of a candidate for up to 3 years.

Administrative Procedures

  • Publications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Awards Committee of SIOP, consisting of at least six members.
  • The Awards Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Board of SIOP about the award-winning research or work.
  • The Executive Board may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the Awards Committee, but may not substitute a nominee of its own.
  • In the absence of a project or publication that is deemed deserving of the award by both the Awards Committee and Executive Board, the award may be withheld.

Submission Procedure

Publications submitted electronically must be in the form of either a Word document or a .pdf file.