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NSF’s Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems Accepting Proposals

The National Science Foundation (NFS) recently issued a new solicitation for the Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems (VOSS), and proposals are due
June 2.

The VOSS program supports scientific research directed at advancing the understanding of what constitutes effective virtual organizations and under what conditions virtual organizations can enable and enhance scientific, engineering, and education production and innovation.

Standard and/or continuing grants will be awarded. This is a wonderful opportunity for U.S.–based social scientists working on topics pertinent to virtual organizations. 

To review some potential research topics, click here

VOSS–funded research must be grounded in theory and rooted in empirical methods. It must produce broadly applicable and transferable results that augment knowledge and practice of virtual organizations as a modality. VOSS does not support proposals that aim to implement or evaluate individual virtual organizations.

For more information about VOSS, click here.

What exactly is a virtual organization? – A virtual organization is a group of individuals whose members and resources may be dispersed geographically, but who function as a coherent unit through the use of cyberinfrastructure. Virtual organizations are increasingly central to the science and engineering projects funded by the NSF. Focused investments in sociotechnical analyses of virtual organizations are necessary to harness their full potential and the promise they offer for discovery and learning.