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Call for Nominations   

Women in Management and Business: A Reader:
Call for Nominations of Best Papers in Last 25 Years Plus Classics

We are seeking nominations and recommendations regarding key articles and published scholarship in the field of women, management and business since 1985. Papers will be considered for selection in a new book we are jointly editing of important papers on Women in Management and Business to form one, possibly two volumes as part of the Edward Elgar series "The International Library of Critical Writings on Business."

The book(s) are intended to offer a range of significant articles written on women in management and business in refereed journals since 1985 and each will include up to 25 journal articles on a range of topics, and plan to also include a section on "classic" writings, which may encompass papers written from earlier decades. Selection is not restricted to articles written only within management journals and may include sociology, women's studies and psychology.

Topics include women in management and business; women and leadership; glass ceilings; motherhood and work; women and diversity/race/ethnicity and management; women managers, work-life balance and family; women and finance; management and the female body; gender and management, women and management pedagogies. This list is not exhaustive and may include other topics!

Please nominate up to five articles that reflect important scholarship in the field of Women in Management and Business since 1985, plus one “classic” article from any date. Please reference these as fully as possible enabling us to trace them accurately.

Please e-mail responses to Caroline Gatrell, c.gatrell@lancaster.ac.uk.

We will acknowledge all who have contributed ideas. We appreciate your recommendations for this important work. Please send your ideas by Monday 28 July, 2008.

Thank you,

Caroline Gatrell (Lancaster University)
Cary Cooper (Lancaster University)
Ellen Ernst Kossek (Michigan State University)