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SIOP to Participate in the Development of New International Test Standards

The International Organization for Standardization has begun the process of developing international standards for the use of tests in organizations (ISO/PC 230, “Psychological Assessment”). The focus of these standards will be on test use, rather than on technical psychometric issues.

The development of the standards, which began earlier this year, includes representatives from over a dozen countries. The U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which is chaired by G. Harris, includes organizations such as APA, ATP, and AERA. 

Due to the importance of organizational testing issues to its members, SIOP has recently agreed to participate in the U.S. TAG.  Donald Truxillo served as SIOP’s temporary delegate at a recent meeting in Vienna, and Nancy Tippins will be SIOP’s permanent TAG delegate.  In 2008, to be held in Madrid and Washington, DC, there will be two meetings regarding the test standards. 

More information on the standards will be provided as it becomes available. Please expect requests for your input in the coming months, and feel free to contact Tippins with any thoughts.