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IV International Forum CRITEOS: Dec. 10-12


Boundaryless Careers and Occupational Wellbeing


2008, December, 10-12
Bari, Italy

The IV International Criteos Forum will be devoted to exploring new directions for boundaryless career research and practice, with a particular interest in terms of occupational wellbeing.

Those interested in doing presentations at the Forum, should choose the type of presentation. Download the form (see poster submission, individual paper submission and symposium submission in attchment), fill all the required information, save it with your name and send it exclusively by electronic mail both to the Forum Secretariat e-mail Dott. PhD Emanuela Ingusci, criteos08@psico.uniba.it and to the Conference Manager, Prof. PhD Michela Cortini,  m.cortini@psico.uniba.it

More information can be found on the SIOP Calls and Announcements page here: http://www.siop.org/Calls%20and%20Announcemets/papers.aspx