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Performance Management (PER) Standards Taskforce Formation

The Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”), as an American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”) designated Standards Developing Organization, is sponsoring the development of an American National Standard. This standards project will be comprised of three elements: Goal Setting, Performance Reviews, and Performance Improvement Plans. They will be created concurrently within the Performance Management Taskforce. You have been identified as someone who may be interested in participating on this Taskforce. A recent press release announcing the establishment of this Taskforce is available at the following link: New Performance Management Standards Development Taskforce Formed

Over the years, a common view has developed about the minimum elements of effective performance management systems, particularly in three areas – goal setting, performance review, and performance improvement plans. This work to define a common standard will identify the key elements of an effective system without restricting firms from customizing system specifically to match their unique business climates.

The Taskforce will consist of two categories of membership: voting member and observer member.

• Voting members: Voting members will be required to attend Taskforce meetings (held by virtual meeting or by teleconference), provide input and content for the Standards, and ultimately will have the authority to issue final approval for the Standards.

Please note that there may be only one voting member and one alternate voting member from a particular organization. If multiple responses are received from a single organization, those individuals will be notified, and they will be asked to name only one voting member and one alternate voting member to represent that organization.

SHRM will select from the response group a voting group membership roster that meets ANSI’s “balance” requirements, ensuring that “no single interest category constitutes more than one-third of the membership.”

• Observer members: Observers will be advised of the Taskforce’s activities, and may attend meetings and submit comments for consideration, but will not vote.

Taskforce members will be asked to select one of the following “interest categories”:

• Developers (An entity that consults to and/or researches topics for human resource professionals. Examples may include academics, attorneys, and consultants.);
• Practitioners (An entity that directly provides human resource services to an organization. Examples may include consultants, human resource professionals, office managers, staffing agencies, professional employer organizations, and employee supervisors.);
• Customers (An entity that receives or directly uses human resource services. Examples may include employees of private and public companies, governmental organizations, and collective bargaining units); or,
• General Interest (An entity that cannot be classified as a Developer, Practitioner, or Customer).

Please reply by July 31, 2009 to HRSTDS@SHRM.ORG using the “PER Invitation Response Form,” at the bottom of this letter identifying whether you wish to be considered for voting or observer member status. It is important to emphasize that voting membership requires timely responses to letter ballots and attendance at meetings (mostly held via virtual meetings or by teleconferences). Please note that consensus body and taskforce size (including working groups) will be taken into consideration when developing the final membership roster.

Once the Taskforce is formed, confirmation emails will be sent to Taskforce members and notification of meetings and other details will follow soon.

Lee Webster
Director, HR Standards
Society for Human Resource Management