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Call for Papers: “State of the Practice” Edition
Journal of Business and Psychology (JBP)

We are soliciting proposals for the next edition of the “State of the Practice” to be published in 2010.  Deadline for proposal submissions is August 1, 2009.  With this special issue the JBP is looking to break new ground in the field of I-O psychology by bridging the gap between scientist and practitioner.  This special edition provides authors with the unique opportunity to speak directly to the academic community and help shape their thinking and research agenda.  All proposals will be peer reviewed.  Authors of accepted proposals will have until January 1, 2010 to complete and submit an 8–12 page double-spaced manuscript for final review.  Sample current topics in organizations today include:
  • Should organizations share talent calls? (i.e., tell people if they are a high potential or not).
  • What is the right measure of employee engagement to use?
  • How do you accurately identify employee potential?
  • What is the real impact of having an articulated employer brand?
Submit proposals to the JBP State of the Practice Guest Editor, Allan H. Church at ahchurch@aol.com.  Each proposal should be no more than 2–3 pages and follow the format below:

Title: Catchy title that will draw attention.

Topic: Description of topic to be covered and why this is a hot issue or cutting-edge practice.

Practice: Description of current practice elements to be discussed in depth.

Description of research areas or questions to be raised.  This is  key. Authors will lay out a research needs agenda.  It is through this effort that we are attempting to bridge the research/practice divide—messages from the front line informing and motivating the science of the discipline.

Sources: List a few key sources from the literature, popular press, or Internet (if any exist) that will be used to ground the submission.