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Call for Empirical Papers:

Journal of Business and Psychology
Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Millennial Generation

For centuries, there has been a keen interest in, and many stereotypes about, how generations differ in their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. The assumptions  about generational differences are often informed by myth rather than research. Recently, there has been considerable discussion about the generation born between 1977 and 2000. This generation has been labeled Millennials, the Net Generation, Echo Boomers, iGeneration, and Generation Y. In light of the global economic crisis, some have been labeling them Recession Generation. For ease of discussion, we’re going to label this group Millenials.

This special issue of the Journal of Business and Psychology will examine Millennials from multiple perspectives and lay out a research agenda. One section will include invited, nonempirical papers from scholars representing different disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences such as economics, demography, personality and social psychology, developmental psychology, business, public policy, and sociology. A second section, which is the focus of this call for empirical papers, will include empirical studies on Millennials. We are seeking submissions of empirical manuscripts from scholars who have empirical research on Millennials. We are more interested in manuscripts from large national or international datasets than we are in studies on small, narrowly defined samples. Up to three empirical papers will be included.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, send a one-page abstract or summary of the study to David Altman so that the editors can ensure that the proposed manuscript is suitable for the special issue. Manuscripts are due to the journal no later than August 1, 2009. The recommended length of manuscript is 3,000–6,000 words. The special issue is likely to be published in early 2010.  Inquiries about the special issue should be directed to David Altman, PhD, Editor Millennials Special Issue,
Altmand@ccl.org. 1-336-286-4463 (Eastern Time Zone).