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Free APA Division 5 Membership

Join APA’s Division 5 (Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation) community of scholars—free!
Division 5 is now offering a free one-year membership for first-time members. Normal rates are $9 for graduate students and $43 for affiliates or members. You can apply for membership here or get more information on the SIOP Announcements page.
The APA Science Directorate charged a Task Force on Increasing the Quantitative Pipeline to address the shortage of quantitative scholars in the U.S. They recognized that there are few places for quantitative scholars to come together as a community. Division 5 is one of those places and has been an active part of APA for more than 60 years.
Questions?  Contact Division 5 Membership Chair Abigail Panter (panter@unc.edu) or Neil Schmitt (schmitt@msu.edu).