Call for Research Proposals

Assessing the Pre-Licensure Competences of Psychologists
Through a grant from the ASPPB foundation, Professional Examination Service (PES) is issuing a call for research proposals to support the identification, selection, and further refinement of existing initiatives that can be used in the assessment of the pre-licensure competencies of psychologists; that is, prior to independent practice either during training or internship. The grant application process is open to psychologists working within the professional education and training community.
The competency assessment measure should allow for quantification in order to demonstrate sufficient reliability and validity to support its use and further study by independent researchers in the future. The competency assessment measure should be of a type to permit its adaptation and application to other levels of professional development in psychology including entry or advanced independent practice. It is anticipated that the two grants would take approximately one (1) year to complete from the date the award(s) are made.
In pursuing implementation of the Grant, a Steering Committee of prominent educators and psychologists has been established to provide expert advice and guidance related to the selection of the assessment methods to be supported. The initial members of the Steering Committee will be Steve DeMers, Ed.D., Paul Nelson, Ph.D., Asher Pacht, Ph.D., and Barbara Van Horne, MBA, Ph.D. PES will collaborate with the Steering Committee to select three consultants representing the educational community in the United States and Canada who are familiar with competency assessment initiatives in the profession. The consultants will assist PES and the Steering Committee in the review of applications. Accordingly, consultants, members of the Steering Committee, as well as past members of the ASPPB Foundation Board of Directors, individually or collectively, are not eligible to receive grant funds. PES staff, Steering Committee members, and consultants will be expected to sign an agreement regarding their willingness to participate with no conflict of interest and to maintain confidentiality of information.
It is the intention of PES to facilitate the distribution of the assessment materials developed under the grant free of charge to the profession under the auspices of existing organizations in the United States and Canada involved in the education and training of psychologists and/or in the assessment of competence.
Investigators receiving grant funds will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement regarding: (1) the scope of the projected work based on their submitted proposal; (2) their intention to complete their research in one-year from the date of award; (3) their commitment to publish their results; and (4) their willingness to make the assessment materials and research data available for distribution to the profession free of charge through membership organizations and other institutions in the psychology profession located in both the United States and Canada.
Key Dates
Release Date: October 31, 2008
Application Due Date: March 9, 2009
Notification Date: May 1, 2009
Expected Completion Date: Summer, 2010
Funds Available & Number of Awards: Up to two proposals will be selected. PES expects to award in the range of $50,000 for each proposal. The final award would depend on the number of proposals received and the outcome of the evaluation process.
Budget & Project Period: An itemized budget is required with total direct and indirect costs not to exceed total available funds over a one year period (e.g., Summer 2009 through Summer 2010).
Submission Requirements: Applicants must submit a research proposal containing the following information: (1) summary of existing development and research on the assessment instrument or method proposed for refinement; (2) research plan and supporting information describing procedures for refining the assessment instrument or method, including procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of the measure or method in assessing pre-licensure competencies (15 pages maximum); (3) curriculum vitae for all individuals involved in the proposal; and (4) detailed itemized budget. Include name, address, e-mail, institutional affiliation, prior grant participation, and role of proposed research in professional activities.
Submission Address: All applications should be sent electronically to:
Contact Information: Contact I. Leon Smith, Ph.D. ( or Sandy Greenberg, Ph.D. ( with any questions regarding the grant application or process.

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