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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Application Excellence Awards

CPP, Inc. announces its Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Application Excellence Awards for demonstrating innovative and effective applications of the MBTI® assessment.  The MBTI® tool may have:

• Helped your sales people create better rapport with customers and helped to close sales faster
• Boosted your customer loyalty because your customer service teams communicate more effectively to address concerns
• Improved decision making in your executive team and helped you take advantage of fast-moving market opportunities
• Increased employee engagement while decreasing turnover helping to cut HR costs while improving productivity

A description of your results using the MBTI® assessment and even a summary of performance figures such as increased sales, higher customer loyalty scores, or higher employee engagement scores will help to bring attention to your success.  Any area of interest to practitioners and I-O or social science researchers is eligible for this award.

Describe your use of the MBTI® assessment in your organization in five (5) pages or fewer.  Just like a good newspaper article your description will discuss the basics of your program based on a writer’s best friends – the 5 W’s and one H:

• Who?
• What?
• When?
• Where?
• Why? and
• How?

Did you VP require a business case with ROI for the program?  Include your numbers and attach your proposal to your submission.  Did your company newsletter feature your efforts in its Spring edition?  Send us the write-up.

All entries should be received by October 1, 2009.  The three top entries will be announced on December 31, 2009.

The top 3 entries will be chosen to receive a cash award as follows:

• First Prize: $1,000
• Second Prize: $500
• Third Prize: $250

The criteria for the prize include:
A. Clarity of writing and communication
B. Demonstration of program impact
C. Organizational or academic interest in the subject matter described
D. Prominence of the MBTI® tool in the project

Winning entries will also be featured and promoted through a variety of public relations and marketing channels giving positive exposure to the program lead and their organization.

For more information or for additional questions please send e-mail to MBTIgrants@cpp.com or write to MBTI Excellence Awards Program, 4801 Highway 61,
Suite 206, White Bear Lake, MN 55110.