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International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) Conference

July 11-16, 2010

The next International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) conference is scheduled to take place in Melbourne from July 11-16, 2010. Submissions for Symposia, Panel Discussions, Individual Oral Papers, Brief Oral Presentations, and Electronic Posters proposals are welcome. The proposal deadline is December 1, 2009.
Symposia will run for 90 minutes and should include at least 4 but no more than 5 individual speakers.
Like symposia, Panel Discussions focus on a theme, issue, or question addressed by a panel of experts. A Panel Discussion usually consists of a chairperson briefly introducing the topic. At least 4 but no more than 8 panel members each have the opportunity to give their perspective on the theme, issue, or question. Panel Discussions run for 90 minutes.
Individual Oral Paper Presentations must report on the empirical findings of a theoretically driven research project, which can include critically evaluating the empirical findings of others in the form of a meta-analysis or critical review. Each paper consists of a 15-minute presentation plus 3 minutes for questions/answers. Submissions to present individual oral presentations require an abstract in an obligatory format.
Brief Oral Presentations represent an opportunity to present the results of research with simple designs or without the need to present a significant amount of theoretical information. Each author is limited to a 10-minute oral presentation which includes questions, answers and changeover time. Each Brief Oral Presentation is presented in a predetermined format of 5 PowerPoint slides submitted via an online template.
Brief Oral Presenters are also given the opportunity to present their research as an electronic poster which will be made available for viewing electronically using the innovative ePresenter system. These will be accessible at all times on terminals in the Congress Foyer.
Additional information about the ICAP conference can be obtained from http://www.icap2010.com/.