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Five Reasons You Should Attend SIOP's Workshops

Preconference Workshops Offer Practical Tools for Professional Development

In today’s workplace, professional development is a necessity for I-O practitioners. SIOP’s preconference workshops offer an excellent value with relevant topics, qualified experts, CE credit opportunities, and practical tools professionals can take back to their organizations.
Fifteen workshops will be offered Wednesday, April 7, the day before the regular program of SIOP’s 25th Annual Conference begins. These engaging workshops add an extra value to the conference, and they fill up fast, so register today to ensure you get the workshops of your choice! The fastest way to register is by using SIOP’s online registration system. Please see the SIOP Web site for online workshop registration instructions.

Register for the preconference workshops

Here are five reasons you should plan to attend:
1. Professional development. The preconference workshops are the perfect choice for professionals wanting to expand on their conference experience and gain more knowledge on specific I-O topics. Topics range from executive coaching/development to selection and assessment to social networking and e-learning, offering an in-depth learning experience on key issues organizations are facing today.
“The workshops are really designed to be a crash course in a particular topic that we feel is important to professionals in the field of I-O,” explained Workshop Chair Robin Cohen.
2. Networking. Each workshop covers a very specific topic within I-O psychology, so participants are grouped with others who share their specific interests, providing prime time networking with workshop attendees.
“SIOP is so big that it can be difficult to find people who share common interests or who are working on the same issues in their organizations,” Cohen explained. “The workshops are designed to be small sessions that encourage interaction, so you have time to get to know people in your workshop. And many of the participants are people who are working in that topic area and are seasoned I-Os, so it’s a great networking opportunity.” 
3. Continuing education credits. In addition to being informative and offering networking opportunities, the workshops also offer something more—continuing education credits. SIOP—Division 14 of the American Psychological Association (APA)—is approved by APA to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Seven hours of continuing education credits are awarded for participation in 2 half-day preconference workshops.*
4. Expert interaction. The workshops offer an educational experience provided by top professionals in the field of I-O.
“Workshop presenters get participants involved in case studies and activities, so they can really share their knowledge and expertise,” Cohen added. “You are in the room with an expert in the field who is able to show you what they have done either in their own organizations or for others.”
5. Tangible takeaways. The workshops are designed as a crash course that gives participants tools and information they can implement in their own organizations.
“These are things that have already been shown to work in practice,” said Cohen. “The workshops are designed to give you tangible takeaways; they give you tools that you can use back to your organization right now. The workshops are a lot longer than a typical conference session, so they are like mini classes on their particular topic, and they are highly interactive to help participants learn how to take the knowledge and tools and implement them in their organizations.”
All workshops are half-day sessions and will be presented twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, to give participants the chance to arrange their schedules around the workshops they would most like to participate in. Participants must register for 2 half-day sessions to attend the workshops.
The workshop schedule is as follows:

Registration: 7:15 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Morning Workshops: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Lunch: 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Afternoon Workshops: 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Reception (Social Hour): 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Because they are an addition to the regular sessions of the annual conference, the workshops require fees. Fees include all registration materials for two workshop sessions, morning coffee, lunch, and the social hour. Additional guest tickets for the social hour may be purchased at the door. Cost will be posted at the social hour room. Workshop costs are as follows:

SIOP Members and Affiliates
Nonmembers of SIOP

Remember, if you recruit someone who has not previously attended the workshops to attend this year, both you and your colleague are eligible for a $50 registration fee rebate! Click here for the rebate form
Chair of SIOP’s Workshops Committee Robin Cohen,Bank of America,and the rest of the committee have worked hard to offer numerous informative workshop sessions for every practice. The rest of the Workshop Committee includes Margaret Barton, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; Mindy E. Bergman, Texas A&M University; Michel Buffet, Fisher Rock Consulting; Wanda Campbell, Edison Electric Institute; Erica Desrosiers, PepsiCo, Inc.; Linda Carr, Cisco Systems; Robert Gibby, Procter and Gamble; Amy Grubb, Federal Bureau of Investigations; Chris Lovato, Kenexa; Tim McGonigle, SRA International; S. Morton McPhail, Valtera Corporation; Liberty J. Munson, Microsoft Corporation; Dwayne G. Norris, American Institutes for Research; Cheryl Paullin, HumRRO; and Brigitte Steinheider, University of Oklahoma.
If you’re ready to pick out your workshops, click here for a complete description of the workshops offered this year.
Choose your favorite two sessions and register today!
For more information on the preconference workshops, please visit the SIOP workshop Web page here.

*Note to all California participants seeking CE credit: APA sponsor credit is accepted for MCEP credit in California. ­­­­­You are responsible for individually reporting your own CE credit to MCEP, issuing letters providing proof of attendance and paying for any participation. Note: You will receive your CE letter by mail within a month of the end of the conference.