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OD World Summit 2010
 “Co-Creating a New World of Organizations and Communities – Dialogue & Action”

August 22-26, 2010
This international event is unprecedented: it is a world summit of numerous professions, professional associations and their members – who other times usually belong to different communities of practice, thus might be keen to identify themselves with a specific tradition or approach.  The theme of the conference is meant to be meaningful not only for those specialized in OD but to all who are engaged with the current and future challenges of organizations and organizing; interested in studying, building and/or changing organizations and communities; or put the social-societal consequences of organizing in their focus. The aim is to invite everybody who works with organizations and organizational change, learning and development:
  • representatives of the academic world,
  • representatives of all sorts of organizations consulting to and developing individuals, teams, organizations, communities, larger systems, even societies,
  • representatives of associations and institutions spreading the word and supporting the development of human systems,
  • not-for-profit organization, focusing on different social issues/groups,
  • leaders/founders of non-conventional organizations, who are pioneering with new ways of organizing themselves, their communities, their business models.
For more information please visit the website of the conference: www.odworldsummit.org