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Military Psychology Special Issue
Building Adaptive Capacity Within Multicultural Teams

Special Issue Editors: C. Shawn Burke, Maritza Salazar, & Eduardo Salas, University of Central Florida

The current operating environment is one in which military units are performing in unstable, rapidly changing, and culturally complex environments.  Collaborating to accomplish work within these settings requires interacting with people from variety of national contexts, including both U.S. and non-U.S. military, civilians, contractors and NGO’s. Despite the need for military units to work within multicultural teams there has been little focused effort to examine the knowledge, skills, and abilities that lead to building adaptive capacity within such teams or corresponding interventions. The purpose of this special issue is to encourage researchers to advance the science of multicultural teams, multicultural team leadership, adaptive capacity, and team adaptation. 
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following: 1) What are the KSAs that comprise adaptive capacity within multicultural team? 2) How might context and environmental conditions work to amplify, suppress, or reverse the needed KSAs? 3) How can the potential for adaptive capacity within multicultural teams be capitalized upon? What is the role of negotiation in this process? 4) What interventions can be used to facilitate adaptation and/or adaptive capacity within multicultural teams; 5) What can team leaders do to facilitate adaptive capacity within such teams? 6) What forms of leadership are best suited for building such capacity within multicultural teams?
Submissions should be received by December 15, 2010. An electronic copy of the submission should be sent to Dr. Eduardo Salas (esalas@ist.ucf.edu). Questions about requirements and topic appropriateness can be answered by any of the editors: esalas@ist.ucf.edu, sburke@ist.ucf.edu, msalazar@ist.ucf.edu.   
Manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word in accordance with APA format and be no longer than 40 pages inclusive.