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Special Issue Call for Papers

Human Resource Management Review
Construct Clarity in Human Resource Management Research

Guest Editors: 
Dr. John E. Delery, University of Arkansas,
Dr. Howard J. Klein, The Ohio State University,

Background and Rationale for this Special Issue.
Clear, concise construct definitions are fundamental for effective theory building and the accumulation of knowledge through research. Without tight conceptual definitions, it is difficult to clearly explicate the nomological network around that construct or prevent unnecessary construct contamination, proliferation and redundancy. It also becomes difficult to develop or validate sound measures that operationalize those constructs with the appropriate content domain, level of analysis, degree of specificity, and dimensionality without clearly specified construct definitions. The problem of poorly defined constructs is not unique to Human Resource Management (HRM), but it has also not received the attention in HRM that it has in other literatures.

The aim of this Special Issue is to provide a forum on construct clarity in HRM research. For this issue, authors are invited to submit articles that (a) offer insights into this key aspect of theory building, (b) highlight issues in the literature that stem from ill defined constructs, and/or (c) propose new, integrative, or refined definitions for key HRM constructs. The editors of this special issue are happy to answer any questions or discuss initial ideas for papers, and can be contacted directly at the email addresses above. This call is open and competitive. Papers submitted for this special issue will go through a standard double-blind review process. The deadline for submitting manuscripts is Monday, January 25, 2010.

For additional information including illustrative examples of ways manuscripts can contribute to this forum and submission instructions, please visit: