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Cases and Exercises in Organization Development and Change (Sage Publications, 2011)

You are invited to contribute a case study chapter to an upcoming text of case studies and exercises in the field of organization development and change.

Contributions should fit one or more of the chapter areas described below and should address common issues, problems and challenges experienced by OD practitioners and change agents in the OD process (contracting, data gathering, giving feedback, resistance, selecting an intervention, etc.) or OD intervention types (whole organization/multiple organization, team/group, individual). Where appropriate, cases should also highlight ethical concerns or problems. Cases should be situated in organizations that reflect the diversity of organizations in which OD is practiced (nonprofit, for-profit, government, education, health care, etc.). Should provide students with challenges and problems that invite them to contemplate next steps or actions they would take, putting themselves in the role of a practitioner. For an example of an OD case of this type, see Anderson, D.L. (2010). Organization development. (Sage Publications).

•     Entry and Contracting with a client organization
•     Data Gathering
•     Diagnosis (selecting issues to present in a feedback meeting)
•     Feedback to a client
•     Resistance to Change
•     Selecting an Intervention (what intervention(s) will best address the needs of the organization and the client)
•     Sustaining Change
•     Exiting an Engagement
•     Individual Interventions
•     Team Interventions
•     Whole Organization Interventions
Cases should be approximately 3,000-4,000 words (12-15 double spaced pages), though a limited number of shorter cases (1,500-2,000 words) will also be included. Also include discussion questions for students, a glossary of key terms, and additional suggested readings. Contributors to the volume will also be asked to contribute to the instructor’s resources manual that will present case analyses, additional readings for instructors, and activities and exercises to be used in conjunction with the case.
Send a 1-2 page proposal that highlights the case study topic area by January 31, 2010. The deadline for case submissions is May 1, 2010. Submit proposals and/or inquiries to Donald.Anderson@du.edu.