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We are conducting a meta-analysis on the relation between Individualism-Collectivism & both cooperative behavior and performance. Individualism-Collectivism could be measured at all of the following: The individual level (i.e., a self-report survey), group level (e.g., a task, goal, or feedback interdependence manipulation; self-report measures of team interdependence), or at the societal level (i.e., research conducted in multiple countries or regions of countries). Both cooperation and performance could either be measured at the individual or group level of analysis, or both. 
We highly appreciate if you could share with us your in-press paper or unpublished data. What we need are zero-order effect size measures (e.g., r, d) or statistics that could be converted into zero-order effect size measures (e.g.,  means and standard deviations, t-statistics, Sums of Squares from ANOVAs), and some other basic information, including sample size, level of measurement, reliabilities (if available), study setting, brief description of measure if self-report scales were used, and country that study was conducted in.  You are welcome to email Justin Marcus at justinmarcus@knights.ucf.edu.