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Call for Proposals
JPP 2011 and 2012 Special Issues

Journal of Personnel Psychology (JPP) is seeking proposals from prospective guest editors for special issues to be published in the 2011 and 2012 volumes. Proposals will be evaluated by the team of associate editors, and the guest editor(s) will be responsible for overseeing the review process and selecting the content of the issue.

Successful proposals must have an overarching theme that fits the mission and scope of JPP. To give a few examples, JPP (formerly ZPP) in the past years published special issues on
  • Demographic change in work organizations (2009, guest edited by Jürgen Deller and Guido Hertel)
  • Knowledge transfer and development of competencies (2008, guest edited by Niclas Schaper and Simone Kauffeld)
  • Personality at work (2007, guest edited by Jürgen Deller and Deniz Ones)
  • Commitment in organizations (2006, guest edited by Rolf van Dick and Michael Riketta)
  • Assessment centers (2005, guest edited by  Stefan Höft)
In 2010 JPP will publish a special issue on Shared Leadership (guest editors: Craig Pierce, Jürgen Wegge, Julia Hoch, and Hans Jeppe Jeppesen).

Proposals should include the following information:
  • Need and rationale for this special issue (max. 300 words)
  • Possible topics of inquiry (max. 300 words)
  • Time line (including prefered year of publication 2011 or 2012)
  • Qualifications of the editor(s)
  • Sample call for papers for the issue (1 page)
All proposals should be e-mailed to the Managing Editor, Johannes Ullrich (jpp.editorial.office@gmail.com), no later than October 1, 2010.
Further information about JPP and a free online sample issue are available here: www.hogrefe.com/journals/jpp.