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Call for Papers
Special Issue of Human Performance

Uncovering the Nature of Applicant Faking Behavior: A Presentation of Theoretical Perspectives
Guest Editors: Dr. Richard L. Griffith and Dr. Mitchell H. Peterson
Human Performance is publishing a special issue on new theories of applicant faking. Previous research relied on simple definitions of faking behavior, emphasizing empiricism without much regard to theory. Recent research suggests faking is a complex interaction of applicant characteristics, measurement methods, and situational demands. This issue will consider papers presenting theories explaining nature of faking, to spur theoretically driven research, which may improve understanding of personality measurement.
Topics may include:
  • What is the nature of faking? How do individual differences and situational factors interact to result in faking?
  • What factors increase applicants’ motivation to fake? How do they interact to lead to faking?
  • How do intrapsychic factors influence faking?
  • What situational factors moderate faking? Why?
  • What is the process of applicant faking?
  • How can we use existing psychometric theory to better understand faking?
  • Why should (or should not) faking behavior be related to subsequent behaviors important to the organization (e.g. job performance)?
  • What are applicant lay-theories regarding faking?
Papers examining similar topics will be considered, and proposals for relevant papers are encouraged. Papers should be 7– 9,000 words in length and submitted in accordance with Human Performance guidelines. Prospective authors should approach the Guest Editors to discuss early proposals. Authors may also submit a 1500 word proposal for review prior to submission. If two similar proposals warrant publication, proposal submitters may be invited to co-author. Deadline for proposals is January 10, 2011. Deadline for article submission isApril 4, 2011.
Richard L. Griffith
Mitchell H. Peterson
Florida Institute of Technology
150 W. University Blvd.
Melbourne FL 32901