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SIOP Speed Mentoring Topics

Thursday, October 21, 2010, 6 – 7 p.m.
Sandhill Crane Room
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
1.   Making Career Transitions: Issues, concerns, how-to’s, and risks and benefits, concerning switching one’s career path between academic and industry, internal and external consulting, independent consulting and corporate employee, etc.
2.   Selling Team-Based Interventions to Organizations: Issues, how to’s, opportunities, and tactics for helping organizations understand the value of and invest in organizational development work.
3.   Lessons-Learned From Establishing and Maintaining a Professional Practice: Discussion of best practices, issues such as setting fees, lessons-learned, planning for retirement income, and tips to maintain a professional business or consulting practice.
4.   Bridging Team-Based Science and Practice: Issues and how-to’s on how to translate scientific research results and studies into language that the organizations that understand, and how science and practice can help one another flourish.
5.   Surviving as a Consultant Through Changing and Difficult Business Cycles: Recent economic issues have resulted, in several ways, a more difficult business climate for both corporate and independent consultants; this topic will cover discussion of best practices, tips, and lessons-learned for surviving up-and-down business cycles.
6.   Team-Based Science and Practice Across Different Cultures and Markets: Specific discussion of how countries’ cultures and different international markets define effective teamwork and how consultants can be tailor team-based consulting to these circumstances.