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Call for Entries
4th Annual Ergonomics Design Competition for Student Teams

Auburn Engineers, Inc. has announced that they are hosting the 4th Annual Ergonomics Design Competition for Student Teams. Registration this year opens on September 6th. The competition is online and consists of a preliminary problem and a final design problem. The First Place team receives the coveted eTools Prize, including the traveling award statue to display for the year, a permanent team plaque, and individual award certificates and cash prizes of $300 to each team member.  Second Place and Honorable mention also receive plaques, certificates, and cash prizes. 
The preliminary competition is held during September and October, and the competition culminates in early November with a 48-hour project for the finalist teams.  Upon registration teams are trained in eTools, ergonomics software developed by Auburn Engineers, Inc.  Students evaluate and create a solution to the ergonomic dilemmas posed in the competition. This past year, students re-designed a backpack during the preliminary competition, then a packaging tape dispenser for the final competition.  During the Preliminary Round Competition, “lightning round” projects provide opportunities for the teams to earn extra credit by responding to short and entertaining questions regarding ergonomics. The Lightning Round Projects are scored on quality and speed of their answers. And are typically thought provoking questions such as challenging the teams to describe ergonomics to their Grandparents. 
Registration will be open from September 6- September 30, 2010.  Teams of 3-5 persons can be any combination of full time graduate or undergraduate students and must be sponsored by a faculty advisor.  Schools and advisors are not limited on the number of teams they may have.  More information can be found at the website:
www.ergonomicsdesign.org or by contacting Auburn Engineers, Inc. at information@ergonomicsdesign.org.  There is a $50/team registration fee.