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2011 SIOP Speed Mentoring Topics



Making Career Transitions:  Transitioning between Academic and Industry, HR Generalist to I/O Psychologist, Corporate Consultant to Independent Consultant, etc.

·      Mike Campion (Purdue University)

·      Scott Tannenbaum (Group for Organizational Effectiveness)

I/O Psychology and the New Economy:  Challenges and opportunities for I/O practitioners presented by recent economic pressures and changes

·      John Scott (APT Metrics)

Communicating I/O Psychology to Clients and Decision Makers: Challenges and techniques for communicating I/O Psychology practice and results to organizational decision makers

·      Joan Brannick (Brannick HR Connections)

·      Suzanne Tsacoumis (HumRRO)

Legal and Ethical Challenges in I/O Practice: Past and recent legal issues affecting I/O practice, challenges and tips for handling typical ethical issues that arise with I/O practice

·      Dennis Doverspike (University of Akron; Center for Organizational Research)

Global Application of I/O Psychology: Challenges, opportunities, and lessons-learned for I/O practitioners in an international context; e.g., working across regional/cultural boundaries, success factors for expatriates, etc.

·      Kyle Lundby (Valtera Corporation)

·      Paula Caligiuri (Rutgers University)

In-House Consulting vs. External Consulting: Differences, advantages, and disadvantages of working as an internal vs. external consultant

·      Rich Cober (Marriott)

·      David Hamill (TSA)

Using Data to Influence Organizational Decisions and Strategy: Tips and suggestions for using data to help organizations make more effective decisions and develop sound goals and strategies

·      Mark Schmit (Society for Human Resource Management)

·      Lise Saari (New York University)

Bridging Science and Practice in I/O Psychology:  Success stories, issues, and opportunities to further enhance collaboration and integration between I/O science and practice

·      Ed Salas (University of Central Florida)

·      Jeff Facteau (SHL-PreVisor)

Maintaining a Professional Identity as an I/O Psychologist: Issues, applicability, challenges, and opportunities presented by the further “professionalization” of I/O Psychology; e.g., certification opportunities, accreditation requirements, licensing issues, and continued education

·      William Shepherd (Huntington Bank)

·      Mort McPhail (Valtera Corporation)

How Things "Really" Work and Get Done Within Organizations: Challenges, obstacles, and recommendations for ways to ensure sound I/O Psychology is practiced despite organizational pressures and resource constraints

·      Peter Scontrino (Scontrino-Powell)

·      Megan Leasher (Macy’s)