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Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS) presents Global Confluence on Applied Behavioural Sciences

Igniting Conversationson the Emerging Trends in ABS: A Global Confluence

December 15-17, 2011
Hyderabad, INDIA

Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS) announces the first Global Confluence on Applied Behavioural Sciences (G-CABS 2011). This will be organised alongside the Winter Event of ISABS in December 2011, at Hyderabad.

G-CABS 2011 has plans to bring over 100 international Organizational Development/ Applied Behavioural Science practitioners from across the globe, representing consulting companies, academic institutions, leadership centres, corporate/ government/ non-government organisations, and professional members of the ABS/OD institutions such as BCODN, IODA, NTL Institute, OD Australia, OD Network, OEGGO, SIOP, Sumedhas, Aastha Foundation, Tavistock, etc.

As the global-village embraces fresh and emerging issues of diversity and multiplicity of cultures, organisations around the world are seeking a better understanding of the complexities. The contemporary research and application in the field of applied behavioural sciences is exciting; the promise it holds for institutional builders is immense. This global confluence titled - 'Igniting Conversations on the Emerging Trends in ABS', is a platform for dialogue amongst the practitioners to bridge and align contemporary research with current day institution building needs. The visiting global delegates have a rare opportunity to experience India at a deep level as they work along ISABS professional members representing diverse fields of practice from across India.  

Those interested may contact ISABS national office (www.isabs.org) or write to Harish Raichandani the Dean (External Linkage).

The Confluence is scheduled between 15-17th December 2011 at the Hotel Novotel Airport, Hyderabad, India.


For further details, please contact:

Harish Raichandani                                 

Dean (External Linkages)                                                                     

Indan Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences [ISABS]            


+91 990 842 7474