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The First Israel Organizational Behavior Conference (IOBC)

December 21-22, 2011

Conference Topic:
"Relational Issues in Management"

In an effort to develop a more global community of organizational behavior scholars and promote emerging issues in our field, we are proud to announce that the 1st Israel Organizational Behavior Conference (IOBC), co-sponsored by the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management (AOM), will be held at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel-Aviv, Israel, on December 21- 22, 2011.

The tentative program features several prominent keynote speakers including Professor Adam Grant (University of Pennsylvania), and Professor Linn van Dyne (Michigan State University). 

The IOBC will offer a unique opportunity to present innovative ideas and explore recent developments on "relational" issues in management. The conference will also be an opportunity to share work-in-progress, receive feedback and interact with leading scholars in the field with the hope of forging fruitful collaborations.

Call for Papers and Symposia

Although relational concerns have been at the heart of management research for decades, the recent global crisis has made the power of relationships even more salient both for individuals and organizations. Individuals who lost their jobs resorted to close relationships and trusted others with the hope of assisting them in finding new jobs. Organizations on the verge of Chapter 11 leveraged relationships with their employees, key institutional stake-holders and even competitors with the hope of gaining their assistance and support.  Indeed, the recent crisis demonstrates the need for research to go beyond basic models of social exchange and extra-role behaviors to understand the mechanisms underlying the formation and nature of interpersonal relations in organizations, and the power they can unleash. 

Accordingly, we invite individuals to submit proposals for presentations addressing, but not limited to, such issues as: 


  1. What is an "effective" or a "valuable" relationship at work, what underlies  relational efficacy and upon what contextual factors does it depend?
  2. How do organization members build effective relationships at work?
  3. How does the process of relationship emergence differ when the targets are internal (versus external) to the organization? What is the nature of this process in virtual relationships?
  4. How might peer relations in organizations serve as mechanisms of control and what are the means that managers use to gain control over such relations?
  5. What is the role of social categorization and other interpersonal processes, such as perspective-taking, on the emergence of relationships within and across teams and organizations?
  6. How do employees use their relationships with others in the workplace to influence their self-identity and the meaning of their jobs?
  7. How do relational networks within and between organizations change over time, and what are the key drivers of such change?

We also invite individuals to submit research symposia (comprising no more than 4 papers) relating to these and other relationship matters.   Preference will be given to those symposia involving international collaboration and comprising presenters from different countries.

Submission Guidelines

IOBC will consider unpublished original paper and symposia relating to any matter associated with relational issues in management. Proposals (a 2 - 3 page abstract for a paper, 9-10 page proposal for a symposium) can be conceptual or empirical, quantitative or qualitative. International and global perspectives are encouraged. Published papers or papers accepted for publication prior to the submission deadline will NOT be considered.  Submissions will go through a double blind review process and will be evaluated on the basis of academic rigor, relevance, and contribution to the field of organizational behavior. To submit the paper  abstract or symposia proposal, upload your document in Word or PDF format to the Submissions Section of the IOBC website at: http://recanati.tau.ac.il/Eng/iobc where additional guidelines are available.  

The Submission Section of the IOBC website will open in March, 2011 and will be available until May 5, 2011. The deadline for online submissions of abstracts and symposium proposals is May 5, 2011. Acceptance notices to authors will be sent in June, 2011, indicating whether the proposed paper or symposium has been selected, and whether the paper was accepted to a paper session or to an interactive session. Authors of accepted papers (whether part of a symposium or individually submitted) will be required to submit a full-length paper by October 1, 2011, and to register for the conference by November 1, 2011.

Conference Format

The conference will begin with a welcome reception on the evening of December 20th. Papers will be assigned to various session formats based on common themes, scheduled on December 21-22, 2011. Each author in paper sessions will be given 15 minutes to present the paper. Then discussants will review the papers presented and offer integrative critique and suggestions, followed by questions from the audience and a general discussion. The conference will also feature themed interactive sessions which will offer authors the opportunity to present their papers interactively and discuss them with the audience. Keynote addresses and special sessions will be noted in the conference program.


IOBC Best Paper Award


Select papers will be nominated as finalists for the IOBC Best Paper Award. The finalists will be asked to submit a full paper for an additional blind-review process by a distinguished panel. The selected winner(s) of the IOBC Best Paper Award will receive a $500 cash prize. The winning paper will be announced in the concluding session of IOBC.

Conference Location and Accommodation


IOBC 2011 will be held at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel-Aviv University, in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Conference hotels (TBD) will offer special rates to attendees. 

Details regarding accommodations will be posted on the conference website soon.

A Holiday & Family Friendly Conference!


The timing between the Christmas holiday and New Year, combined with Israel’s mild weather and fabulous tourist attractions, is perfect for bringing your family to Israel. To make the conference more enjoyable to all involved, IOBC will offer excursions to family members during the conference. These excursions will be offered at net cost and require advance registration.




Conference Registration & Fees





Registration will open in July, 2011. Early registration is advised!  Early registration fee will be available till November 1, 2011. Late registration fee will apply after November 1, 2011 and on-site. Attendees are nevertheless advised to register online by November 1. Students must present a valid student ID upon admission to the conference. Additional fees apply for those registering to the social events and family trips. Please visit the IOBC website to register: http://recanati.tau.ac.il/Eng/iobc.  Payment instructions will be posted on this website.


The conference registration fees: 

Early registration fee:  $150
Early registration fee for students: $100
Late registration fee: $200
Late registration fee for students: $150


Conference co-organizers 

Peter Bamberger, Tel Aviv University
Hilla Dotan, Tel Aviv University
Dov Eden, Tel Aviv University
Miriam Erez, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Avraham Kluger, Hebrew University
Mina Westman, Tel Aviv University 




Advisory committee


Bruce Avolio, University of Washington
Samuel Bacharach, Cornell University
Julian Barling, Queen’s University
Sigal Barsade, University of Pennsylvania
Gilad Chen, University of Maryland
Cary Cooper, Lancaster University
Michael Frese, National University of Singapore
Yitzhak Fried, Syracuse University
John Hollenbeck, Michigan State University
Kenneth Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong
David Lewin, University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Morrison, New York University
Daan van Knippenberg,
Erasmus University

Conference Coordinator: Michal Gradshtein


For additional information and to register to the conference, visit the IOBC website at: http://recanati.tau.ac.il/Eng/iobc