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Australian Psychological Society's College of Organisational Psychologists released it's free eMagazine called Illuminations in November 2010.

Illuminations has been developed to build an awareness of the value that we as organizational psychologists can bring to businesses and organizations and ultimately help raise our profile as practitioners within the field.  The quarterly publication has been specifically designed to appeal to a wider business audience including HR practitioners and individuals working in management.

The topic of this edition of Illuminations issafety in organizations. The edition provides critical and diverse perspectives regarding safety at work, including selecting for safety, building a safety climate, utilizing a systems approach to accident prevention and safety leadership. The articles cover a wide range of applications of organizational psychology in the safety space, including the use of psychometric assessments for selecting staff in high risk organizations, an objective assessment of some of the safety assessment tools available in the market, taking a systems approach to preventing accidents, building a safety leadership culture and driving and fostering a sustainable, positive safety climate. The case studies and practical applications included in the issue demonstrate and reinforce the value of organizational psychology in action.

To access a copy of Illuminations, please click here.