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Journal of Change Management

Special Issue: Changing Identity and the Identity of Change
Guest Editors: Deborah Price (Open University Business School, UK) & Rolf van Dick (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany)
Identities have a number of impacts on both people and organizations. People identifying with an organization show improved customer focus, display extra role behaviours and are less inclined to leave. Alternatively, identity may be seen as a means through which people make sense of their self and their relationships with others. In either case, tensions exist between attempts to change that organization, and identity and identification. Tension exists because people who use organizational membership to create their personal identities should most strongly resist change as this impacts their self-definition. However, strongly identified employees should support organizational change most strongly as this contributes to organizational success.  Likewise, tension exists between the organization’s need for change, and the need for sufficient stability to allow people to draw on organizational referents to construct their identities. Accordingly, this special issue invites theoretical and empirical papers, and research in either quantitative or qualitative traditions, which addresses the following:
1. How is the process of identification influenced by organizational change?   
2. How can we characterise the relationship between identity, identification and organizational change?
3. What impact do organizational, social and personal identities have on an organization’s ability to change, and on the effectiveness of change initiatives?
Refereeing Process - Refereeing and the selection of papers will be carried out according to the Journal’s normal (double-blind review) procedures. Submitted papers (5000-7000 words) should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. 
Timescale  Date for submission - 31.01.2011
                 Publication of special issue - 2012
Guest Editors
Deborah Price  d.price@open.ac.uk
Rolf van Dick  van.dick@psych.uni-frankfurt.de