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'Go' for Alliance Launch and Call for Participation

Milt Hakel, President, Alliance for Organizational Psychology

EAWOP is in agreement with Division 1 and SIOP, and thus the Alliance for Organizational Psychology is now a reality! Its governing body will meet sometime yet this year to initiate its formal operations.

Each of the founding partners will now appoint three representatives to the Alliance. They and the previously identified officers (Arnold Bakker as Secretary General, Jose Maria Peiro as Treasurer, and yours truly as President) will meet to make the decisions needed to transform the ideas presented in the Governance Plan and its Addendum into the lean, flexible and responsive federation envisioned by the founding partners.

A two day meeting is anticipated, and its agenda will be crowded.  It will contain at least three major items: 1) creation and registration of a not-for-profit legal entity, 2) admission of additional federated societies, and 3) provision of web services to members including an opt-in portal.  Other items, both major and minor, are bound to emerge and to be added.

Fortunately, considerable advance work has been and can be done.  For example, EAWOP is now in the process of revising its corporate structure, so much of the information gathered in that effort can inform the incorporation of the Alliance.  Regarding the second item, EAWOP’s procedure for admitting new Constituents (national groups of work and organizational psychologists) can serve as a template for a similar process in the Alliance.  Finally, both EAWOP and SIOP have extensive experience (and some frustrations) with web sites, so identifying the specifications for the Alliance’s web services should be relatively straightforward.  Indeed, I expect to use not only email but also Skype, wikis, blogs, and various social networking sites during this organizing phase so that we will be better able to become the virtual, innovative, functional and light organization desired by the founding partners.

Please consider this announcement to be a call and invitation for participation, regardless of your previous or current personal involvement in the discussions that have gotten the Alliance to its launch.  We need your input, ideas, agenda items, and wish lists.

An open meeting will be held here in Maastricht on this Saturday at noon in Room 2.14 (the Amazon Room) of the MECC.  If you cannot attend it, email your agenda items, concerns, suggestions, ideas, etc., via Reply or Reply to All, and do so by 10:00 AM Maastricht time (GMT + 1) on Saturday morning if possible.  Otherwise, send your email whenever you have the opportunity.

In 1992, Maastricht saw the launch of the European Commission.  Now it is seeing another launch, one that in the world of organizational psychology may be just as significant.

Best wishes,


Milt Hakel, President, Alliance for Organizational Psychology
Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH 43403
Mobile: +1 419 819 0936 Web: www.epsilen.com/mhakel