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Comment to be Sought on Revised Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing  

SIOP has appointed a committee to coordinate our response as a group to the proposed revision of the 1999 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. 
The committee includes:
Kevin Murphy - chair - krm10@me.com
Chuck Pierce  capierce@memphis.edu
Cris Banks   banks@lamorindaconsultingllc.com
Mark Schmit  mark.schmit@shrm.org
Steve Stark    sestark@usf.edu
SIOP members are welcome to submit individual comments, but our best chance to successfully influence the Standards is our Society's response.  Please feel free to send your suggestions to any of the members of the committee.  We are particularly interested in the Standards themselves, but the commentary that starts each chapter and that accompanies each standard are also important.  Wordsmithing is less useful at this point than identifying standards or language that is not in keeping with our understanding of the science and practice of psychology in organizations.  In particular, it is very useful to identify places where the proposed revision might make sweeping statements where more careful ones might be called for (e.g., users must do X, Y and Z vs. users should do X, Y and Z), or where the proposed standards are unnecessarily restrictive.
The revised draft Standards are posted at http://www.teststandards.net and you must register as a commenter before reviewing the revisions. Although an on-line template will allow individuals and organizations to review and comment on the draft document, we ask that you send your comments directly to one of the listed committee members following the same outline as the draft. That is, be sure to clarify what chapter you comments address.
Please send your initial comments to any of the listed committee members prior to March 15, 2011.  The committee will prepare a draft response on behalf of SIOP.  This draft will be posted subsequent to March 15th to enable members to provide commentary regarding SIOP's response.