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Journal of Organizational Behavior special issue call for papers:

Collaboration and Negotiation in Multi-Cultural Environments

Edited by Eduardo Salas (esalas@ist.ucf.edu) and Michele Gelfand (mgelfand@psyc.umd.edu)

This special issue invites theoretical and empirical papers that address the impact of culture on collaboration and negotiation. The list below includes potential topics for contribution, but other topics may be suitable as well:

  • How is negotiation and collaboration defined differently across cultures? Relatedly, how is success defined differently across cultures? 
  • What new multilevel and dynamic theoretical frameworks on culture can be brought to bear to understand collaborations and negotiations?
  • What temporal perspectives can be brought to bear on understanding culture and collaborations and negotiations?
  • What are the challenges inherent in multicultural collaboration and negotiation?
  • What is the role of trust in multicultural collaborations and negotiations?
  • How do team members form a third hybrid culture that allows them to work through the cultural differences such that synergy is gained?
  • How does leadership impact multi-cultural collaborations and negotiations?
  • How can we intervene such that the multiple cultures in multicultural teams can be seen as facilitator rather than an impediment to performance?
  •  How can interdisciplinary approaches (e.g., psychology, anthropology, economics, and computer science) help to better elucidate dynamics in multicultural teams and negotiations? 

This call is open and competitive, and the submitted papers will be blind reviewed in the normal way. Submitted papers must be based on original material not under consideration by any other journal or outlet. The deadline for submissions is 15 October 2011.

Papers to be considered for this special issue should be submitted online via http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/job (selecting ‘Special Issue Paper’ as the Manuscript Type).  Please direct questions about the submission process, or any administrative matter, to Managing Editor, Kaylene Ascough, k.ascough@uq.edu.au