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The Journal for Personnel Psychology (JPP) announces a special issue on 'The Role of Norms in Virtual Work'

Norms are central in regulating cooperation and communication in work groups. Existing literature points to the importance of developing shared norms in virtual work, but although there is some literature on norms within on-line communities there is little research focusing specifically on how different types of norms operate within virtual work-based environments. Whilst the Social Identity Model of Deindividuation Effects (SIDE) mentions the importance of group norms in computer-mediated communication, other theories of group cooperation (e.g. social identity theory, group engagement model) point out the general importance of norms, but do not consider potential differences between face-to-face and virtual groups. Given that most work environments today encompass some form of virtual collaboration, this there is urgent need to understand the role of norms within virtual collaborative environments. There has been some research on the more explicit 'rules' of conduct within virtual student collaborations, which suggest that these norms can enhance trust and that emergent norms for knowledge sharing enhance the impact of formal incentives. However, overall there is little evidence of the impact that different types of norms have on collaboration and performance in virtual work settings.The special issue on 'The Role of Norms in Virtual Work' wants to address this gap in research and invites contributions from all areas that focus on the role of norms in virtual work environments. We invite both empirical and theoretical contributions if they contain original unpublished empirical work or make a substantial theoretical contribution and advance our current understanding of norms in virtual work.

Method of submission: Manuscripts, which should be clearly labeled as submissions intended for this Special Issue, must be submitted through JPP’s online review system, Editorial Manager, in accordance with regular JPP guidelines (see http://www.editorialmanager.com/jppsy/ and http://www.hogrefe.com/fileadmin/redakteure/hogrefe_com/Periodicals/Journal_of_Personnel_Psychology/jpp_authors.pdf).

Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2011.

Informal enquiries on the Special Issue can be made to Karin Moser (k.moser@roehampton.ac.uk) or Carolyn Axtell (c.m.axtell@sheffield.ac.uk)