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Call for Proposals

This call is for a volume in the Research in Organizational Sciences series published by Information Age Publishing entitled Received Wisdom, Kernels of Truth, and Boundary Conditions in Organizational Studies (Daniel Svyantek and Kevin Mahoney, Eds.). Received wisdom is knowledge imparted to people by others and is based on authority and tenacity as sources of human knowledge. Authority refers to the acceptance of knowledge as truth because of the position and credibility of the knowledge source. Tenacity refers to the continued presentation of a particular bit of information by a source until this bit of information is accepted as true by receivers.   

Received wisdom is used by individuals in the absence of confirming evidence and may be resistant to disconfirming evidence. The problem for organizational studies, however, is that this received wisdom often becomes unquestioned assumptions which guide interpretation of the world and decisions made about the world. Received wisdom, therefore, may lead to organizational practices which provide little or no benefit to the organization and, potentially, negative organizational effects.

We are soliciting manuscripts that address issues in organizational studies similar to those published in Lance and Vandenberg’s recent volume describing urban legends for statistics and methods. We are interested in manuscripts that deal with organizational topics (e.g., leadership , motivation, etc.).  For example, why do many managers still describe their interpretations of the incentives that influence their employees using Maslow’s need hierarchy?

Individuals may send a one-page proposal to—

Daniel J. Svyantek

226-B Thach Hall

Auburn University

Auburn, AL 36849-1234


-by mail or electronically by September 09, 2011. Authors with accepted proposals will be notified by October 1, 2011. If your proposal is among those selected, we will need your chapter by April 1, 2012. Individuals with questions about this volume may contact us at the email above.