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Call for Papers    

Special Issue of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology (CDEMP) on "Racial and Ethnic Minorities’ Experiences in the Workplace."
Guest Editors: Victoria C. Plaut (University of California, Berkeley), Kecia M. Thomas (University of Georgia), and Michelle R. Hebl (Rice University)
One might argue that the workplace highlights race and ethnicity more than any other place.  The workplace provides the perfect opportunity to translate prejudice and stereotyping into discrimination.  The workplace also provides unique opportunities to express one’s identity and to work interactively with others in various competitive and cooperative situations.  It is also the case that journals that emphasize culture, race, and ethnic studies rarely focus on workplace discrimination, other stressors, and opportunities that racial and ethnic minorities experience in the workplace.
To that end, we are seeking manuscripts for a special issue of CDEMP that focuses on racial and ethnic identity and experiences in the workplace, broadly defined.  We seek empirical articles using I/O constructs or research conducted in business environments that focus on racial and ethnic minority experiences.  

This special issue focuses on identifying and highlighting workplace issues from the perspective of racial and ethnic minorities.  We are particularly interested in moderators of experiences of discrimination (e.g., lifespan and career stage; occupation and industry; intersection of race and other identities such as gender, class, and sexualities), continuing efforts to better understand and address major complex workplace issues (e.g., experiences of tokenism, interpersonal relationships, and support networks; how best to identify, confront, and cope with discrimination; and how to change workplaces), and novel experiences for racial and ethnic minorities in the workplace that have not previously been identified by the research literature.

The publication of this Special Issue is scheduled for late 2013.  The submission deadline is September 1, 2012. Please submit your manuscripts via the online submissions portal of CDEMP, clearly marked Racial and Ethnic Minorities’ Experiences in the Workplace Special Issue.  Manuscripts should not exceed 6000 words (abstract and text only) for single study manuscripts.  Multi-study manuscripts can be longer.  Journal requirements and the CDEMP submission portal can be found at http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/cdp/index.aspx.  For further inquiries please email any of the three guest editors at vplaut@law.berkeley.edu (Vicky Plaut), kthomas@uga.edu (Kecia Thomas), or hebl@rice.edu (Mikki Hebl).