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 Instructions for Uploading your 2012 SIOP Presentation(s):

1.     Rename the title of your document(s) with the session or poster number, and short paper title. Please start all single-digit numbers with a zero (e.g., “07-01_ Newcomer Performance Adjustment in Teams”).

o    Use the attached document to find the session or poster number, and related content area for your presentation(s). You can also find this quickly by searching for your own name in the Searchable Directory:http://www.siop.org/programsearch/

2.     Log into my.SIOP.org and open the SIOP 2012 Conference Presentations folder inside the community Library (direct link: http://my.siop.org/library.htm?mode=view&did=57683&lid=5&wf=101). You will see Content Area folders inside.

3.     Click to open the appropriate Content Area folder, then select “Add Document or Photo”

4.     Click “Choose File” to select the newly-named document (and related handouts, if any) from your computer.

5.     Enter the new File Name into its text box, and enter the presentation abstract as the description.

6.     Enter keywords to help others find your documents (e.g., newcomer, performance, teams, …)

7.     Click “Upload File” to post it to the directory for all to see!

That’s all it takes to help fill the my.SIOP library with useful, current research such as yours!